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Welcome to the website home of the Silvercure Products.  These products have been purchased by 1000's of satisfied customers and recommended by doctors and health professionals.

Here is a little more about our story: I am the parent of three children who all had Molluscum Contagiosum.

When my spouse went to the pediatrician, the doctor said molluscum would go away on its own.  Guess what, the molluscum still remained and did not go away.   My wife then went to the dermatologist who was more than happy to perform cryosurgery (freeze) the molluscum lesions off.  For another eight months, visits were made to the dermatologist at a cost of $45 per child or $135 per visit when you have three children with molluscum. Fairly good results were obtained on the older children but it still remained and would not go away.  Our youngest (age 3 at the time) had it worse with a severe case with molluscum lesions on his arms, legs and then face.

These treatments were so painful on our little boy we had to hold him down kicking, crying and screaming during these procedures. He was emotionally affected and had serious fear of white coats during this time.

When our son got three molluscum lesions on his face, my wife had become desperate. While searching the Internet, she found the Silvercure products.

After one final freezing treatment (except for the face), we started with the Silvercure products.  We then started applying the Silvercure ointment, spray and using the pen.  The fact we had one last freezing or cryo-therapy before starting Silvercure I am SURE helped since it eliminated the mature molluscum lesions immediately, but we had been doing that for eight months, the only thing different was Silvercure.  Our childrens' skin was cleared up in THREE weeks.   We have heard results that range from never worked to a few days, so there is no way to know but for us,  it was three weeks.

To read more about our story and experience with molluscum and these products, please click on About Us.

Silver Body Bar Silver Body Wash 8oz
Our Price: $16.00
Our Price: $16.00
Silver Body Bar enhanced with Tea Tree Oil - 6.75oz bar Rich foam leaves skin moist, smooth, and soft.
8oz Bottle.
Silver Ointment 8oz Silver Ointment 2oz
Our Price: $149.00
Our Price: $59.00
Petroleum jelly based ointment enhanced with electrically charged micronized, silver and tea tree oil.  8oz jar. Petroleum jelly based ointment enhanced with electrically charged micronized, silver and tea tree oil.  59ml per jar.

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Silver Pen, Silver Ointment, Silver Spray & Silver Skin Combo Kit - FREE US Domestic SHIPPING

Our Price: $199.00
Includes Silver Pen, Two 1oz Silver Ointments, Silver Skin Liquid Bandage, and One 8oz Silver Spray.

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Silver Skin .5oz
Our Price: $35.00
Silver Body Lotion 8oz
Our Price: $16.00
Silver Ointment 1oz
Our Price: $34.00

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